Self Managing Leadership (SML©) Online Programme

Find your purpose and craft
a strategic plan for yourself


We feel free when we know what we want to give to the world. Our purpose is not so much connected to what we do, it’s who we are.

Agneta Diden
Leadership Consultant, Oxford Leadership
“At first I was intrigued by the offered methodology by Oxford Leadership (of whom I haven’t heard much before joining the course) which is designed around self discovery through an investigation. I like that since there’s nothing artificial imposed on my. The methodology suggests that my purpose is sitting somewhere there deep-rooted in my personality. After joining the course and going through the necessary steps I found some things which I didn’t consider before and I must admit that just by finding those things I instantly got an energy bump in my daily life as if I found a source of energy. Highly recommend this course!”
Vladislav Andreev
Managing Director at FANATIC
“I’ve been through many high-end executive coaching, training and personal leadership programmes. What shocked me about this one was how incredibly sharp and insightful the resulting action plan was in terms of my vision, values and actions. The short, engaging and impactful videos created the space to go inwards. I intend to bring all new hires through this process as part of their development plan.”
 Walter Roth
CEO, Inward Sales
“Last five weeks were very insightful and super inspiring. I am happy to take the opportunity of great investment into myself by focusing on the purpose and my next chapter. Thank you Malin Wallmon, Greg Orme and Brian Bacon for the excellent content of #leadingwithpurpose course and great setup . Thanks to the group mates for the created environment, great discussions and great vibe. “Where attention goes – energy flows, where energy flows – life grows”
Monika Rimkunaite-Bloze
Head of Administrations CEO of European Merchant Bank & Board Member of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai
“Top leaders will benefit from making a leadership journey that touches their hearts and minds. This is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organisational leadership.”
Heiko Hutmacher
Board of Management – CHRO

Find your purpose, define your future and lead yourself towards the next chapter of your life!

The Self-Managing Leadership® program focuses on your personal purpose, values, and vision, bridging reflections, insights and learnings into your leadership and professional roles.

The methodology is built around our philosophy that leadership is personal, and to be a successful leader to others or in business, you first need to learn how to lead yourself.

The Self-Managing Leadership® Program will help you with:

  • Defining your purpose, values and personal strengths that defines you.
  • Setting clear goals for yourself together with a strategy and action plan for the next chapters in your life
  • Seeing the big picture to identify the few things that will have the biggest impact in the next chapter in your life and work.
  • Develop your inner leadership compass to navigate and better decision-making when facing tough choices,
  • Leverage and amplify your unique “superpowers”which are directly connected to your purpose and values.

Ultimately this leads to higher levels of meaning, energy, clarity, and overall satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

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€395 | £335 | $429

Ready to find your purpose and define the roadmap for YOUR future?

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€395 | £335 | $429

Develop your internal compass and create the roadmap for YOUR future with the Self Managing Leadership (SML) Programme Online.

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